Fartun Weli




I help organizations understand intercultural communications through strength-based and relational approaches for the purpose of co-creating programs that are culturally relevant and help Somali women and their families out of multi-generational poverty


I have developed over 200 health literacy trainings for Somali women and their families. In addition, i have trained over 500 healthcare professionals to learn to better serve Somali women. Helping organizations understand the needs of Somali women, families, and our under-served community is my business so we can raise our communities to a better place where we are compassionate and support each other every day.

Fartun Weli, MPH, MAPP

I engage under-served women and their families to develop roadmap holistic programs that they can use and move to upward mobility.  I am described as a compassionate matriarch, a fearless leader, and a change-maker, who is relentless in my advocacy for the well-being of women and their families.